Although NIKE GOLF is the leading brand in the world of golf, the prices for its products are not as expensive as we might think. NIKE GOLF products are professional in quality and price friendly which makes customers here very happy.

Consumers can receive a gift here from April 11 to April 15 and includes a golf cap and two experience vouchers. You can get not only a waterproof and windproof jacket for the rainy season but also a sunscreen t-shirt from NIKE GOLF.


Yesterday afternoon, professional golf brand NIKE GOLF settled in the international shopping mall Mei Mei Yun Da in Changsha which is supported by the famous golfer Tiger Woods in the United States. A large number of golf lovers come here because of their reputation when doing business the first day, also golf courses have been especially equipped for consumers to experience putter golf for free. As the leading golf brand worldwide, NIKE GOLF’s special quality and reasonable prices keep many customers back home fully supplied.

As a kind of noble sport, golf has a special demand for its equipment and clothing. The person in charge of the Changsha NIKE GOLF shop Mei Mei Yun Da told us that professional golf clothes are generally made of high-tech fabrics and this kind of fabric should not only be very light in weight but also good at ventilation that can relieve sweat and dry quickly. Spring and summer golf clothing includes not only a jacket especially for the rainy season to prevent rain and wind, but also a shirt with a UPF index above 30 to prevent the sun as well as the sunscreen layer will not be cleaned even if it is washed by a washing machine.
As the most classic in the store as well as the most favorite series for golf enthusiasts Tiger Woods, the classic Tiger Woods series, is perfect in style and won’t go out of shape after a wash.

Golf Equipment:

Just like the sport of golf, golf equipment and accessories are considered very valuable to us. But you will find that the prices for clothes and golf equipment at the GOLF NIKE shop are not as high as we imagine where the dearest T-shirt is with a price tag of 1290 Yuan and the price for a six ball set of equipment is only around 10,000 Yuan which keeps customers coming to shop. here call it an affordable price. The person in charge of the shop tells us that even if NIKE GOLF specializes in designing golf apparel, balls, shoes and other equipment while the products are not very expensive but at an intermediate level in this industry because NIKE GOLF promotes that more people can enjoy this kind of an elegant and healthy sport called golf.

You can receive a golf gift package including a NIKE GOLF hat with a value of 249 Yuan and two experience vouchers for the Xiangjiang1st golf game at a value of 240 Yuan per piece as long as your consumption of any brand product in Mei Mei Yun Da is up to 3800 Yuan and 3000 Yuan if you are VIP customers there during the NIKE GOLF opening period from April 11th to April 15th.